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Served with fries, cole
slaw and hush puppies

Bubba's All-U-Can-Eat
Bubba's Signature
  BBQ Platter
Bubba's BBQ Combo
Baby Back Rib Platter
  1/2 Rack or Full Rack
Homemade Crab Cake    Platter
Fried Shrimp Platter
Fried Oyster Platter
Fried Flounder Platter


Fried Catfish Platter
Fried Clam Platter
Blackened Grouper Platter
Fried Captain's
   Seafood Platter
Command your ship!
Choose four mates from:
Flounder, Catfish, Fried
Oysters, Fried Clams, Gulf
Shrimp, Blackened Grouper,
Popcorn Shrim