Schools have been shut down for the summer and while the kids still have to complete their work, and you still have to complete your work, there is finally more time for Family Time! Even as the economy is racing to open back up, there is a major benefit to the country being forced to slow down while we band together to fight this pandemic, is the extra time we have been asking for to spend with our families. But now that you have it, what do you do with it?

While we are grateful that our guests are starting to visit the restaurants, we have been fortunate to enjoy some of that time with our families as well and we have some suggestions for how to use that family time.

1. Play some games. It’s great if you can get outside and soak up some vitamin D and play some games like corn hole or toss a ball back and forth, but board games and card games are a great way to get some quality family time in. Everyone can enjoy a game of Uno, but if you require a little more mental stimulation, visit the Conservatory with Mrs. Peacock and the Candlestick.

2. Learn a family hobby, for example, try fishing. You can easily practice social distancing while you are around a pond or on a boat. Just make sure you follow laws regarding fishing permits, catch and release rules, etc.

3. Read the Harry Potter series. Amazon Kindle has them for free right now.

4. Create a family vision board. Have you been wanting to do something as a family? Take a big trip? Go for a family hike? Start by putting together a plan for everyone to see! You can check out Pinterest for some really good ideas.

5. Check out our sister restaurant Ultimate California Pizza’s April Blog on “How to Make Your Own Pizza Dough”.

6. Go for a hike! – Of course, you specifically could do this and go find a trail and walk it as a family, but it doesn’t have to be taken so literally. It might be better for your family to walk around the neighborhood or go for a family bike ride.

7. Do chores together. Laundry, cleaning, yard work, etc. How long have you been thinking about reorganizing that kitchen junk drawer?

8. Learn some new family recipes. Cooking together can be a lot of fun. Just make sure you assign age-appropriate tasks.

9. Learn to play an instrument. YouTube can teach you everything from the recorder to the ukulele to the piano.

10. Make a viral quarantine-themed TikTok. Your kids can show you how.

11. Turn your kid’s homework papers into origami.

12. Have the kids interview their grandparents. Learn about their lives, ask questions about how different things are now vs 20, 30, 40, or 50 years ago. If you record the calls you can create an audio story for your kids to remember.

13. Host a family fashion show. But mix it with some tips from Marie Kondo. If you put something on and if it doesn’t make you happy, donate it!

14. Make a blanket. You can order kits from Walmart or Amazon and make a blanket. There are many options, colors, and patterns you could choose. You can never have too many blankets at home!

15. Family Yoga sessions! Again, you can rely on YouTube for this. There are programs for beginners to advanced Yogi’s. But why not use this newfound free time to make your family a little healthier!

We completely sympathize. Limited travel, limited time away from home, everyone cooped up into their homes can be a massive stressor for everyone even though restrictions are starting to loosen. But we do hope that this list of 15 things you can do with your family will help you defeat some of the quarantine blues. From our family to yours, stay safe, stay healthy and we look forward to you joining us back at Bubba’s soon!