We get a lot of questions here at Bubba’s Fish Shack from people planning their vacations, but from our locals as well. We thought it would be helpful to share some important FAQs to help anyone looking to join us for a meal.

Bubba’s Fish Shack has been a staple in the Surfside community for many years and we are extremely fortunate to have both a committed local clientele as well as faithful repeat visitors. Yet we still get excited every time a first-timer walks in the door. We love to share our food with anyone and everyone and we love getting to know our guests as they become family.

With that in mind, here are 15 FAQs about Bubba’s Fish Shack.

  1. What type of dining experience can you expect?

Laidback. Relaxed. Fast-casual. Fun. Family oriented. Beach shack. Those are just a few words our guests have used to describe their experiences with us. We are a friendly bunch that love to share stories and talk with our guests about life and great food. You can expect to see folks in beach casual wear and flip flops, old fishing boat décor, and the smell of southern fried seafood to be wafting from the kitchen. We only ask that you leave your wet bathing suits at the hotel.

  1. Do you take reservations?

We do not. We pride ourselves on being a first-come, first-serve restaurant. If there is a wait upon your arrival, we have some amazing porch swings downstairs to help you pass the time.

  1. Animal-friendly restaurant?

Even though we proudly host a dog for our mascot, we do not allow animals on our premises. There are some very wordy restrictions and regulations put forth by DHEC that we must follow to allow pets that we simply cannot comply with at this time. Service animals are permitted and always welcome.

  1. What type of dining areas do we provide?

Rustic, cozy, and family-oriented is the best way to describe our dining room. We make you feel welcome and provide a perfect place for you to enjoy each other’s company.  Our guests are our family so we want to ensure you are comfortable. Tables topped with butcher block paper both indoors and patio/porch style seating combine to make a perfect spot to enjoy conversation with your family and friends all while enjoying some delicious southern fried seafood! Coming by yourself? No problem, pull a stool up to the bar and we will still treat you like family.

  1. What our hours of operation?

We open every day at 11:00 am and close at 10:00 pm.

  1. What type of food can you expect?

Baskets, platters, sandwiches, and more! We have several savory salads, some delicious sandwiches, big baskets, and some outstanding platters. Bubba’s Fish Shack is best known for its Fried Catfish. So much so, we wrote a blog about it back in August. You can read it here: https://bubbasfishshack.com/2020/08/25/august-is-national-catfish-month/ However, Bubba’s has a lot more to offer than just seafood. We also offer some extremely satisfying BBQ platters. Ribs, pulled pork, or both. It’s up to you. We even have some shellfish offerings.

  1. Are there kid’s menu options?

Absolutely! We have kids burgers, chicken fingers, hot dogs, corn dogs, grilled cheese, fried shrimp, and grouper fingers. All served with a side and a drink.

  1. Gluten-Free Options? Allergy Accommodations? Vegan or Vegetarian Options?

All of our food is prepared in a common kitchen, but we do offer several options for those looking to follow a gluten-sensitive lifestyle. Our kitchen creativity didn’t stop there. We have various vegetarian options like our awesome salads and a vegan veggie burger as well as some meat-free appetizers. However, our breading does contain eggs. As for allergies. It is important to note that Bubba’s Fish Shack does utilize ingredients that include milk, eggs, soy, wheat, and flour. If you have concerns, you can reach out to us via our social pages before your visit to see how we can best accommodate you.

  1. Do we offer to carry out or delivery options?

We can make EVERYTHING To-Go! We would be happy to prepare your meal for you to take home. Just give us a call to place your order and then come pick it up!

  1. Are we social? How can you follow us?

You bet we are! You can find us on Facebook @BubbasFishShack. Find us on Instagram @bubbasfishshack. You can even interact with us on Snapchat! Find us at @bubbasfshshk. We would also love for you to leave us a review on Google, Yelp! or Trip Advisor. We want to get as much feedback as we can from our guests. It helps us work towards sharing our passion to provide the perfect dining experience to every guest every day.

  1. Do we serve alcohol or have a bar?

We do! We offer a selection of liquor drinks, beer, and wine. We have various bar seating depending on how busy we are and would be happy to serve you your meal at the bar if that is what you prefer.

  1. Do we offer specials or a happy hour?

At this time, we are not offering specials or happy hour.

  1. Live music? Trivia?

Our catfish sure does make us want to break out into song…but you might be happier that we don’t. We do not host live music or trivia. However, we do have a beautiful view of the ocean from our front porch.

  1. Merchandise for sale?

Yes, yes, and more yes! Hats, t-shirts, and more t-shirts. They are much easier to transport, last longer than fried seafood and they are easier to wrap too! Don’t forget the Gift Cards! You can order them online before you visit by going to https://divinedininggroup.cardfoundry.com/giftcards.php Use them on food, beverage, and/or merchandise!