Bubba’s is a great place to get some southern fried seafood, but did you know we serve some delicious BBQ plates as well? Not only do these offerings taste great, but BBQ has an interesting history too! Follow along with us this month as we briefly explore the history of BBQ because knowing the story behind the food you are eating makes the flavors even more enjoyable!

Obviously, Bubba’s Fish Shack makes its name from seafood. It is in the name, so it comes as no surprise that the BBQ you order doesn’t come from the non-existent farm in our side parking lot. The story of these awesome offerings start in the 19th century. It was common for communities to host gatherings where farmers would slaughter pigs, and cook the entire animal. Think “county fair”. But this is where ribs were first consumed. They were intent on using the entire animal and as the 19th century pushed on, ribs gained popularity.

Towards the end of the 1800s meatpacking became a major industry in the United States. They would transport hams, shoulders, chines, hocks, and jowls into barrels. The part that wouldn’t fit? The Ribs. This helped coin the term “Spare Ribs.” The meatpackers began to give away the ribs or dispose of them in any matter possible.

However, thanks to the extremely important creation of artificial ice-making, meatpackers were now able to keep and sell the ribs. With the urbanization of the U.S. in the early 20th century, meatpackers began selling ribs and other barbecued meats on street corners, courthouse squares and eventually expanding into permanent restaurants.

Fast forward into the Post World War II era and Americans are barbecuing in their back yards, eating ribs in high-end restaurants, and further increasing the demand for ribs in all theaters.

At Bubba’s Fish Shack we treat our BBQ menu items with the same care and attention as we do our seafood options. We pour our heart, soul, and BBQ sauce into each option. You will find three offerings on our BUBBA-QUE PLATTERS menu section. First is our Bubba’s Baby Back Rib Platter. You have the option of a half-rack or full-rack of slow-cooked ribs decorated with plenty of BBQ sauce to ensure the use of half the roll of paper towels on the table. The Next option is our Bubba’s House Pulled Pork Platter. Pretty self-explanatory, but you have to see the pile of house-pulled pork to truly understand how much meat is on this platter. The final choice is our Bubba-Que Combo Plater. This choice features a pile of house-pulled pork and a half-rack of ribs for those that just can’t decide which on only one. All of the options on the BUBBA-QUE PLATTERS menu section are served with fries, coleslaw, baked beans, and our homemade hushpuppies.

We love our BBQ as much as we love our fish and we want you to love it too! Stop by Bubba’s Fish Shack to try these delicious platters soon! We look forward to serving you!


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