We are fortunate to live on a bountiful planet with many delightful treats. One of the simplest yet most perfect treats comes from the sea. Peel and eat shrimp is easy to prepare, provides lots of flavors, and can be prepared as a primary offering or complement to almost any dish you can imagine. Hot or cold, spiced and served with lemon, this option cannot go wrong!

A large percentage of wild-caught shrimp consumed worldwide in America is caught by fishers in boats in the Gulf of Mexico or the South Atlantic Ocean (think Forrest Gump). The nutrient-rich Gulf and South Atlantic waters help shrimp develop a naturally great taste and texture preferred by chefs.

Like other seafood, shrimp is high in protein, but shrimp is a significant source of cholesterol. However, shrimp consumption is still considered healthy for the circulatory system because of the low levels of saturated fats. This basically means that shrimp help lower triglycerides and help to improve the ratio of LDL to HDL cholesterol.

People love shrimp for other reasons, though. It tastes great, is simple to make, is relatively easy to get, and is available in many restaurants. If you buy Peel and Eat shrimp for yourself at home, it is typically sold ready to eat. All you have to do is pull off the shell. If you choose to boil your own, we recommend leaving the shell on. It helps to bring out the flavors but seal them into the meat instead of losing that flavor into the water.

When you are ready to eat the shrimp, turn its back away from you. Using your thumbs, pull the shell apart from the middle. It will come off quickly. It should come off in one large piece. If you are careful and keep the tail intact, it will serve as a decorative handle. If you can save the shells, you can use them later to make a good broth for soups.

Don’t forget the lemons! If you are serving these at home, you will want to cut lemons into wedges, lightly splash the shrimp with lemon juice, and then place additional lemon wedges around the plate you are serving it on. They will serve as decoration and an additional source of lemon juice. The acid from lemon juice is a necessary component of good seafood. Not only does it taste good, but it helps your body digest the proteins in the shrimp as well.

At Bubba’s Fish Shack, we love our Peel & Eat shrimp. We season it carefully and then serve it hot or cold with lemon slices and a smile! We would love to serve some to you!


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